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About Molnar Piuariu Street Food

During one weekend, the Molnar Piuariu street was transformed into a pedestrian street, testing the neighbors’ reactions to a potential pedestrianization project.

Why we did it?

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Cluj-Napoca Municipality proposes a series of measures that would limit car access and increase the amount of space dedicated to pedestrians and alternative transport. The methods that would be used to create this changes are not mentioned in the plan. Before Cluj-Napoca Municipality invests in specialist studies for permanently redesigning the street, we wanted to test the reactions of the neighbors to a potential pedestrianization project.

The test

Between 11 and 12 November 2018, the Molnar Piuariu street was closed to car access, and our partners organized Molnar Piuariu Street Food.

Results and lessons learned

The reactions were positive, the neighbors and passers-by being pleasantly surprised that events take place in this area of Mărăști. Our partners from the Architecture and Urban Planning Faculty (UTCN) developed a visual survey with four potential future uses for the street, which was conducted during the event Molnar Piuariu Street Food. The order of the preferred uses were: (1) pedestrian street + commercial spaces and seating area, (2) pedestrian street + space for playing sport, (3) pedestrian street and (4) pedestrian street with open air cafes. The main causes of worry expressed
by the neighbors were related to the parking options in the area, public peace and the safety of the students living in the student housing from Molnar Piuariu. The lessons learned from this temporary intervention were later integrated in the design specifications for the redevelopment of the street, prepared by Cluj-Napoca Municipality. After the winning project was selected, the municipality, through their Center of Innovation and Civic Imagination (CIIC), organized a first debate with the neighbors, to discuss the future project in August 2018.

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