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Open call for imaginators – Re-imagining Work, Future Scenarios workshops

October 2019

Cluj Cultural Centre invites artists, scientists, engineers, students and curious citizens to join our first Re-Imagining Work. Future Scenarios Workshop, taking place on 30-31 October 2019, in Cluj-Napoca.

Over two days participants will engage in collaborative sessions to analyze current dynamics, dig for data, identify patterns and develop possible future scenarios describing how work, organisations and labour relations may look like in the future. The aim of the workshop is to explore the main challenges around the topic and provide the wider community with ideas about what type of transformations will shape our future in terms of work.

This is the first of four future scenarios workshops within the Cluj Future of Work Project. The final results of the workshops include a collection of scenarios and an exhibition of artworks on the future of work. The thematic focus of the four workshops is: Workshop 1 (30-31 October 2019): Global Changes in Work. Work in culture as a case study; Workshop 2 (April 2020): Work 4.0. Are the Robots Coming?; Workshop 3 (June 2020): Culturepreneurs of the future. Cultural and Creative Industries, Workshop 4 (August 2020): Informal Work. A call for proposals for artworks inspired from the scenarios developed during the four workshops will be launched in 2020.

The call is open for participants from Romania and other countries in Europe who are interested to attend the first or all of the workshops. Artists willing to respond to the later call for artworks are encouraged to attend the workshops.

To register for the workshop, please complete this form, detailing your motivation for involvement and previous experience.

The workshop will take place in English. We will provide translation assistance in order to facilitate the contributions of Romanian and Hungarian speaking participants with lesser command of English.

Deadline for registration: October 10th, 2019. Participants applying for travel and accommodation support are advised to register as early as possible.

Cluj Future of Work is an initiative of Urban Innovation Unit in Cluj-Napoca, created by the Cluj Cultural Centre in partnership with the Center for Innovation and Civic Imagination of the Municipality.

Cluj Future of Work project is co-financed by the European Union through the Urban Innovative Actions program and studies and tests opportunities for the city to prepare for the challenges to the labor market, that the future will bring. The project focuses mainly on cultural and social issues: what are the jobs that can be developed in the cultural and creative sectors, what will happen in the automation high-risk sectors, what will happen in sectors that already have working integration problems. The project is co-managed by the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca and Cluj Cultural Centre in a consortium with eight other local organizations: Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca, Cluj IT Cluster, Intercultural Development Association Cluj, Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster, Transylvania International Film Festival, Transylvania IT Cluster, ZAIN Transylvanian Creativity Festival.